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One Hundred Thousand Transactions!

The faucet.prussia.dev banano faucet recently reached 100k transactions! Faucet payouts are doubled, and there will be free NFTs. To claim the NFTs, simply enter your wax address after you claim from the faucet, or comment your wax address on the reddit post. NFTs will be sent once event is over. The NFT is a Cryptomonkey stack (NFT project affiliated with Banano) made by Corneille.

Note: Entering is completely optional! If you do not want the NFT, just leave the 'wax address' field blank.


Pretty simple.

What are Cryptomonkeys?

Cryptomonkeys are freely distributed NFTs on the Wax blockchain. It's a great project affiliated with Banano and I recommend you check them out.

Want to earn more free NFTs? Join the Cryptomonkeys Discord.

What is a Faucet?

A faucet is a site that gives out small amounts of cryptocurrency. A faucet may be run for a variety of reasons, such as to make money (advertising), charity, pay gas fees, or promote a coin.

What is Banano?

Banano is a fast feeless meme coin. It is a fork of Nano. You can learn more at the Banano website.

What's Next?

In a couple months, Faucet v2 will be released, with an all new captcha, and much better and modular, customizable code. There will also be new systems put in place to deter bots. Also, expect more events!


This project went further than I would ever have thought when it started as a hobby project. Today, there are around a dozen forks, and thousands of daily claims.

I first have to thank undercoverape, who designed the faucet frontend. Thanks to all the faucet forkers for all your support, feedback, and cool new faucets. Thanks also to everyone who donated to the faucet, your donations are what keeps the faucet running!

Also, the cryptomonkeys team and Corneille (artist) were very helpful in creating the NFT for this event.