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Faucet v2

My cryptocurrency faucet, faucet.prussia.dev has upgraded to Faucet v2! Faucet v2 has been roughly 6 months in the making and is a huge step forward in terms of ease of configuration, forkability, size, extendability, and code quality. Basically, huge improvements all around for faucet operators. In celebration, payouts have been more than doubled, for a limited time.

In addition to the many improvements, a new currency has been added! Vite, a feeless DAG coin with smart contracts joins xDai (which could be modified for any EVM chain), Banano, and Nano. Psst- algorand is next. The Vite faucet also supports Vite tokens being sent along with the Vite.

I still need to write *a lot* of documentation, but the core, programming part of the Faucet v2 project is 90% done, with only a couple tasks left.


Faucet v2 Github: https://github.com/jetstream0/Faucet-v2

Reddit post: (not posted yet)